Season XXIII Coaches Decisions

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Re: Season XXIII Coaches Decisions

Post by JRCO » 13 Sep 2016, 15:35

Segosa wrote:
Soleil Noir wrote:If there is a season, I will play with a new High Elves team. Name TBD
Would be sad if we had to play BB2 exclusively, means without (your) Vamps.....
And without Nurgle too :(
Well it seems Nurgle is just around the corner, I have already seen pictures of the new Nurgle team that have leaked into the internet. Vamps, Khorne, Ogres & stunty teams : I would like to be sure it will happen one day.....
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Re: Season XXIII Coaches Decisions

Post by Felryan » 19 Sep 2016, 11:33

Hi guys, time is missing me atm, so i will skip the next season of BB1 in order to play BB2 season :)

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