Season IV - Join your Division

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Season IV - Join your Division

Post by JRCO » 06 Dec 2016, 21:29

You will find below the Divison for Season IV.

A ticket has been send to your team. Please accept it ASAP, so we can start.

If a player from Division 1 wishes to play a second team , please let me know : there may be a spot open in Division 2.

1 Love Lizards (antman), Lizardmen TV 1770 (Note : last Season Super Bowl Runner Up)
2 Heroes Association (Filadeus) , Dark Elves TV 1710 (Note : Last 3 seasons Superbowl Champions)
3 Seducers Of Slaanesh (Renis), Chaos TV 1690
4 Orc City Bengals (JRCO), Orc TV 1640
5 Sharp Knives[/b (Felryan)], Skavens TV 1600
6 Mad Sheqqar, (Young Nathan), Skavens TV 1520
7 Repentless Slayers (Soleil Noir), Norsemen TV1490
8 Management By Perkele (JJape), Norsemen TV1430
Note : We are waiting for Teldalati decision. In case He decide to return with its last season team, He will be inivited in Div 1 and JJape will be reversed in Div 2.

1 Blackstar Ravens, (Hudd), Humans TV 1380
2 Black Crying Ravens, (Antituros), High Elves TV 1170
3 Les Crimson Kings, (Segosa), Nurgle TV 1000
4 Labrat's Revenge, (Jarik), Skavens TV 970
5 Tree Hugging Mother Lover, (Fengraf), Wood Elves TV 970
6 The Crazy Dogs (Zeldorn), Necromantic TV 970
7 Kindergarten NIghtmares, Ironfists, Necromantic TV 930
Superbowl VII Champions

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