Let's Start Week 3 !

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Let's Start Week 3 !

Post by JRCO » 04 Jan 2017, 23:56

You have until Sunday January 15th to organize and play your game


Div 1 Match Up

Love Lizards (Antman) - Mad Sheqqar (Young Nathan) : After a disapointing week 1 loss, the Lizards did respond with a bang and a very convincing week2 win. This will be an interesting test this week to prove they are back for real. They are in the same situation than their skavens opponents in a must win game to remain in the play offs race as both team are with 1 win and 1 loss. Both teams are for real, and well coached too. So Goblins belive this game will be a draw.
Orc City Bengals (JRCO)-Heroes Association (Filadeus) :Entering their 4th season, The reigning Heroes Champs are still unbeaten and they intend to remain so. But you can say also that each week they are closer to their first loss... Will it be this week ? If the orcish Bengals have any ambition they must make a result here. Last season they proved they can compete as they drawn against the Heroes. Goblins expect a close game again, but they also do not believe the orcs can prevail. Thay anticipate another draw here.
Seducers Of Slaanesh (Renis) -Repentless Slayers (Soleil Noir) : Last week, both teams had a hard times with an embarrassing 3 TD loss. Because of their superior armor and the numerous MB player they have, Goblins believe the seducers hold a small edge in this game.
Sharp Knives (Felryan) - Management By Perkele (JJape) : Perkele Norsemen have another strong season start and they are hot. On the other Hand the Skavens Knives are surprinsingly not very sharp yet. This is a must win for the skavens if they do not want their season to abruptlyend in week 3. Felryan, The former NO Champion will play for win But Goblins believe he manages Darkies better than skavens and so the noresemen will enter the game as heavy favorites.

Div 2 Match Up

The Crazy Dogs (Zeldorn) - Blackstar Ravens (Hudd) : The Humans Ravens are proving last season wasn't a fluke as they strat currently alone on top of the division. They will be an interesting test for the Necro Crazy Necro. A win and the Ravens will have a clear path toward Post season, The necro will receive some inducements, but Goblins believe it won't be enough for them to stop the humans.
Labrats Revenge (Jarik) - Black Crying Ravens (Antituros) : The High Elves Ravens are a dispointment so far. They Finsihed slow llast season and seems to remain in the void. The Labratz will be helped by inducement, probably backed up by a wizard, Goblins anticipate it will help them beat the Mighty Elves.
Tree Hugging Mother Lover (Fengraf) - Les Crimson Kings (Segosa) : Battle of Rookies Woodies against Rookie Nurgle. always an intriguing match up. Goblins belive the woodies despite they took some heavy beatin tos tart the season should be too fast to stop the Kings. Woodies by 1.
Bye week :Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists)
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