Let's Start Superbowl V !

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Let's Start Superbowl V !

Post by JRCO » 12 Jun 2017, 23:50

Semi finals have been played. Two very close game. Both Division 1 team have prevailed, Both Necro team failed to reach the big game.

So let's set up the stage for Superbowl V !

Management by Perkele (JJape) : The Norsemen have been the surprise team this season. They did dominate Division 1, They have a real shot to win the big game. Goblins do not believe they will, but it is hard to count them out as they are so well coached.

Blackstar Ravens (Hudd) : The Human Ravens are currently hotter than hell. They had a slow start but found a way to get out that hole they did dig for themselves. They haven't eliminated the reigning champ for no reason. It is their second Superbowl in a row, last season they did fell short. This time, Goblins anticipate a close game and a Ravens win.
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