Superbowl V !

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Superbowl V !

Post by JRCO » 19 Jun 2017, 19:17

Congratulation to Hudd and his Humans Blackravens who did defeat JJape Norsemen 1-0 !

Here is what each coach had to say after the game :

Hudd (Superbowl V Champion)

First half embarrassingly one sided (in a dice kinda way), let the Ravens steal the ball on defence and take a half time lead - but the second half was furiously competitive, with the ball changing hands several times. In the end, the Ravens were boosted by not needing to go for the score, and hold on to win!

Well battled, Jjape, better luck for next season!

JJape (Superbowl V Runner Up)

Tough match, where blitz with perfect kick to the end zone put the Norse in very tough start. Humans with Guard-superiority locked the Norse-LOS in place, while the catchers pressured the ball. The norse went for 2+/2+/3+/3+ passing play to secure the ball .... but the pass was inaccurate to horrible direction (even with reroll), and easily picked up by AG5 catcher and screened later. This was followed by removals of some key Norse players at LOS. The Norse saw there was no real hope to get the ball back.... and decided to focus on getting some CAS back. With depleted numbers, the Norse took more beating than they gave, though the Yeti managed to remove the Human`s killer (APOed so the removal was only temporary), which possibly prevented complete pitch clear.

Second half saw full(?) Norse team with the help of their deep bench and some KO recoveries, trying to put pressure on human drive and get equalizer. At some point the humans turnovered before getting full screen, and the Norse managed to blitz the ball carrier down. The ball changed hands some times, but lightning by wizard allowed the ball to be finally recovered and caged by humans, so the match ended 1-0 for Blackstar Ravens.

In the playoffs, ur veteran, AV6 berserker tried his best to find glorious death on the pitch by maneuvers such as 1D->-2D frenzy blocking himself into middle of opponent team or piling-oning without any protective screen from gangfouls. All he got was a strength bust. He will have to go to the snowy mountains to die, instead of dying gloriously on the pitch like a true norse.

For those who still haven't, please let me know your choice for next season on appropriate forum. Summer Tournament should start June 28th
Superbowl VII Champions

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