Week 1 !

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Week 1 !

Post by JRCO » 01 Jul 2017, 12:53

Heya ! It is time to start New Ogham Season VI !

Division 1 started with a Dummy Team, Renis will join soon.

You have until Wednesday July 12th to arrange and play your game.

For new comers : We arrange RDV with opponent in the scheduling Thread, we traditionnally using OGT (Which is Ogham time = same time than in Paris, Madrid or Frankfurt (currently CEST) . But if you find that more convenient you are free to use another system (like GMT).

Please note this year we will try to use Toornament to keep Track on stats (It is easy to use, please forwrad jarik and me all your eventual questions - Cf Jarik's message :viewtopic.php?f=119&t=709)

Week 1 Fixtures

Division 1
Shiva Blitzers (JJape) - Seducers Of Slaanesh (Renis) : The Chaos Seducers are playing solid lately, But they will face a very good woodies that will be backed up by Mountains of inducements. Goblins anticipate these inducements will be the difference. Blitzers by 1.

Orc City Bengals (JRCO) - Kindergarten Nigthmares - (Ironfists) : The necro Nightmare want to forget about their embarassing play offs loss. The Bengals Orcs want to forget about their embarassing miserable last season. These are a lot of embarassed players. But the more embarassed ate the end of this game will be the losers. Goblins believe the Nightmares will prevail.

Labrats Revenge (Jarik) - Crazy Dogs - (Zeldorn) : Last Season the Crazy Necro were a play offs team, meanwhile the Labrats Skavens had an up and down season. Skavens are always Dangerous but Necro are one of their most difficult Match Up, so Goblins advice you to bet on the Crazy Dogs in this one.

Division 2
Dying Foetus (Soleil Noir) - Samghata Librarians UglyDoll : The Khemris with the glamourous name are entering their second season and they will face a Rookie Chaosteam. Last season they where the champions of draw. They still are not developped but Goblins believe the Rookie Chaos , even reinforced by inducement, will have a hard time. Khemris by 1.

Hexem (Allem) - Black Crying Ravens (Antituros) : The Ravens High Elves had a brilliant first season, but looked completly out of their games during the second. Which ravens will we see this season ? To stop a fully induced rookie Lizard team, the High Elves will need to be at the top of their game. Goblins will believe the High Elves are back only when they see it. Hexem by 1.

Ogham Pond Croakers (Mr Ogorki) - Sharp Knives (Felryan) : The Humans Croakers are returning to the league. They were pretty solid at the time they were active. They will need to be if they want to have any chance against the always well coached Skavenbs Knives. Goblins anticipate a draw in this one.
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