Division 2 - Week 2

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Division 2 - Week 2

Post by JRCO » 10 Jul 2017, 13:51

Due to all games played and division realignement (Antituros promoted to Div1 and replaced by elmvchacho, Week 2 is launched a little bit in advance.

Summer vacation so you have two weeks to play your game. You have until Jul 26th to arrange your game on scheduling thread and play. Of Course if all games played , week 3 will be adavanced.

Division 2
Samghata Librarians (UglyDoll) - Ogham Pond Croakers (Mr Ogorki) : To enter the competition the Rookie Chaos librarians were able to remain on equal footing with a supposed superior Khemri team. This time they face a well coached humans team. Humans are more polyvalent then Khemris and will enter the game as favorite.

Hexem (Allem) - Sharp Knives (Felryan) : The Sharp Knives Skavens do not look very sharp these past games. They face a Rookie lizard team and it is not the ideal match up to rebound. These lizard were able to force a superior High elf team to draw, Goblins expect the same here.

Dying Foetus (Soleil Noir) - No Armor No Luck (elvmchacho) : Being the more experienced team, Khemris look like they have an edge. As woodies will receive inducement lots of the outcome of this game will rely on their smith and the quality of armor he will have created for them. because of these inducements, Goblins anticipate a draw in this game.
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