Div 1 Week 2

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Div 1 Week 2

Post by JRCO » 12 Jul 2017, 00:56

All Games played : time to start week 2 !

Like in Div 2 as it is summer time you have a two week window to play your game. Means You have until July 26th to arrange and play your game.

Division 1 week 2 Match Up

Kindergarten Nigthmares (Ironfists) - Shiva Blitzers (JJape) : Week 1 the Necro Nightmares looked very solid and as impressive as ever with a very convincing win against the orcs Bengals. In the meantime the Woodies Blitzers looked very unfortunate and doomed by Nuffle. It is really an intriguing match up with teams with completly different strength. Both team will be a real test for its opponent. Goblins can't see a clear cut favorite in this one and anticipate a draw.

Crazy Dogs - (Zeldorn) - Black Crying Ravens (Antituros) : The Necro Dogs is the other necro team on the block and they did start strong with a nice win. Their High Elves Ravens opponnent seemed reborn with their first win in ages against a woodie team that looked by far superior. Are the Ravens blessed by Nuffle this season or have they decided to Finally play at their real potential ? Time will tell, still, the necro Dogs are favored by 1 TD by the Goblins.

Labrats Revenge (Jarik) - Orc City Bengals (JRCO) : Both team lost their first game and can't afford to lose already. It will be a close one. Goblins believe the labrats Skavens will prevail.
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