Let's Start Week 4 !

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Let's Start Week 4 !

Post by JRCO » 08 Aug 2017, 20:36

All week 3 games played, time to start week 4 !

We remain on the two week rythm due to summer holidays, so you have until wednesday August 23rd to play your game.

Week 4 Fixtures[/u]

Division 1

Orc City Bengals (JRCO) - Shiva Blitzers (JJape) : So Far the Blitzers are having a hard time, but with a win they would be back in contention. With Both their Two AG5 players Healthy and their inducement, Goblins believe the woodies have the better chance in this game...if their AV hold....

Black Crying Ravens (Antituros) - Labrats Revenge (Jarik) : The Rats is the only team to play for pride. Meanwhile This is a must win for the High Elves Ravens and that is exactly what they will do.

Kindergarten Nigthmares (Ironfists)- Crazy Dogs (Zeldorn) : Battle of wolves for supremacy in the division. the Knightmares have more muscle, The Dogs will receive inducements. Goblins believe this game is evenly matched and will end as a draw.

Division 2

Samghata Librarians (UglyDoll) - Hexem (Allem) : The chaotic librarians are very solid and have yet to lose a game..... They have yet to win one either. Speaking of first win, Goblins believe the Hexem have Lizards have an edghe in this. It will be a close one, Hexem by 1.

No Armor No Luck (elvmchacho) - Sharp Knives (Felryan) : This division is so close that despite being currently last in the division , with a win the Skavens Knives would be back in the play offs race. In this race the Amorless Luckyless woodies have a the second seed in their grasp. Inducement won't be a factor in this game which will end as a draw.

Dying Foetus (Soleil Noir) - Ogham Pond Croakers (Mr Ogorki) : With a win the human croakers will secure a play offs seed and probably the division. But it will be a tough game here , the Khemris foetus will be backed up by inducement and should be in position to secure a draw.
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