Let's Start Week 6 !

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Let's Start Week 6 !

Post by JRCO » 13 Dec 2017, 19:28

All week 5 Games played, Let's start Week 6 !

Thanks to the fact there will be 2 wild card teams, Most team are still in contention for post season. What an exciting finish !

You have until Sunday december 25th to arrange and play your game.

Week 6 Fixtures

Division 1
Seducers Of Slaanesh (Renis) - Bloated Germs (AI Team) : Chaos' Seducers should win this contest between the most ugly team in the league.

Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) - Ogham's Pond Croackers (Mr Ogorki) : With a win the
Necro Nightmares are in post season. Buit it is a must win for the Humans Croackers, so the Necro have to prepare for a Dogfight. Goblins believe that inducement won't really counter balance the freaking leaping wolves. Nightmares by 1.

Shiva Blitzers (JJape) - Heroes Association (Filadeus) : Must win game for the Woodies Blitzers to have a realistic shot at the Wild Card spot. But the Dark Elves Heroes are currently firmly handling the first seed and they intend to remain undefeated. Heroes by 1.

Dying Foetus (Soleil Noir) - Labrats Revenge (Jarik) : In This one, the winner remains in the wild card race, the loser will play week 7 for pride. Can the Dying Khemris stop the labrats Skavens ? No way : the Rats are too fast. Labrats by 2.

Division 2
The Scythians (Uglydoll) - Amazing Avengers (s75r) : Last chance for the scythians elves to play a meaningfull week 7 game. But can they beat the Amazing ladies who just had two easy cakewalk win ? This one should be a very close game. Goblins anticiapte a draw.

112 Brute Brigade (Jarik) - Tlaxtlan Piranhas (Little Tee) : Belive it or not, the Brutal Ogres are currently on top of the division with a very realistic shot at post season. Odds they win this one are very high as we are not confident the piranhas ladies will show up.

Ghazak Khan Raiderz (Njord) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : Since BB1, Chaos Dwarves Raiders have had a lots of success against the Vampires Bards. Goblins believe that streak will continue. Raiderz prevail.

Les Masques de La Nuit (Segosa) - No Armor No Luck (elmvchacho) : All odds are the Armorless woodies will be a no show. 2nd win in a row for the Masked Dark Elves.

Division 3
Cheese is not a Lie (JJape) - Norsca Powa! (Mortemne) : Both Team are fighting for a play offs spot either for a direct qualification or a wild card. So Must win game for both. Underworld or Norse ? Both team are well coached so not an easy pick. Goblins play it safe : they will tell you it will be a draw.

Fellowship of the Greens (Felryan) - Les Crimson Kings (Segosa) : At this TV, Halflings versus Nurgle is always an intriguing match Up. No chef for the Flings this time . This should help the Kings earn their first win this season.

Warpstone Smokers (Zeldorn) - The Hexem (Allem) : With a win the Underworld Smokers may earn the division crown but their opponent Lizardmen are still well placed in the wild card race and will play for win. Goblins advice you to bet on the underdog here as they believe the lizard should prevail.

Vilains Incorporated (Filadeus) - Jack Daniel's Circus (Antituros) : Battle for supremacy between the two league Kislev team. So far the Vilains seems to have an edge as they still well positionnned in the post season race. Goblins notice these two team have the same set up (Both with a bear), so logically they believe this one will be a draw.
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