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New BB2 Competition

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 18:41
by teldalati
I don't know if I'm allowed (if not, I apologize and please delete my message), but I think we have many BB2 teams resting as the Road to the World Cup is in its final stages, so I propose to make a championship with the eliminated teams and new ones. I can be the admin or one of we have people interested on doing a BB2 League?

Re: New BB2 Competition

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 01:11
by jarik
Of course you are allowed to organize competitions. Question is probably WHEN and in WHAT FORMAT.

Should it be organized as normal New Ogham season, I think that is way to go. So possibly that limits what kind of competition format to choose. I don't have any clue how different they are from BB1. Or of course it could be just some random competition which could possibly be shorter and could start at any time.

And then when should it start? Should start date to be set at time when WC competition is over (so 2 games?) so those people could also join with their teams. I assume WC qualification is just for coach and after they are known you can do anything you want with the team. Problem with play off style competition is that it is over for some people long before it is finished and if that is main event (official season or now WC competition) then you want to allow all to take part which causes that there is long break for those of us who drop out early.

I personally don't think I have time or energy for BB2 right now. Just feel that I am so busy even when I don't really do anything :P so extra effort it is required to play BB2 instead of BB1 is probably deal breaker for me right now. And I kinda want to play one last season with Big Bob and other ogres of 112th Brute Brigade :D

Re: New BB2 Competition

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 20:56
by Segosa
I'm interested into any new competition in BB2 and also (and I would prefer) in BB1.

Seg, back from holiday on April 20th.