March 31st Update

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March 31st Update

Post by JRCO » 31 Mar 2018, 15:19

1 spot left for the qualifier for the New Ogham qualifier
We are currently 47 coaches registered, we will close the registration when we will be 48. Eventual Supplemental coaches will be put in waiting list.
We will start distribute ticket sometimes end of next week coaches who still haven't send their team name should do it ASAP

Format of the qualifier
* Round 1 : 8 divisions of 6 teams. First two team advance to the play off. No wild card.
We will distribute team randomly but will ensure race diversity (only 1 race per division, except for the race(s) that would be more than 8, for it max 2 team of that race in any given division.If a division receive an AI team, to ensure equity, the game against AI team will not be played and will be admined a 1-1 draw.
* Round 2 : 16 teams knock out tournament

Official World Cup News
We have been informed that like most community leagues we have been allocated 1 ticket for the World cup Final Tournament.

Press annoucement should be made early next week. but we already know that Cyanide & Focus have decided that the world cup final will be played with resurection mode et announced that more than 30.000 $ in prices will be distributed between the 8 best teams.
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