Let's Start Week 2 !

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Let's Start Week 2 !

Post by JRCO » 15 Apr 2018, 23:41

All Week 1 Games of Div 8 played, we can launch week 2 in advance !

This gives you more time to organize your week 2 game and some flexibility as I imagine you are also playing in some other qualifier.

You Have Until April 25th to arrange and play your game

Week 2 Fixtures

Ironfists The Flight Of Nightmares - AndyDavo Zunk's Hero's:Ogham Style : Zunk's woodies saved the draw in week 1 against wild orcs but paid a hefty price. They will be reduced to only 1 War Dancer and will play with several Mercenaries. Goblins doubt, that inducement they will receive, will be enough to counter the Necro Nightmares.

SvenRutabega WC Winners - S75r Bugman's Bitter : Week 1, The WC winners won the Battle for Undead supremacy in the division. Now if they want to walk the talk claimed by their name, they need to prove that Dwarves can't stop them. Will that happen ? Not sure, indeed this is a must win game for a well coached dwarf team . Goblins believe the dwarves won't lose. But They can't see them win either. They predict a 1-1 Draw.

jarik East Ogham Brawlers - antman New Ogham White Walkers : The Orcs Brawlers were brutal in their week 1 game but were still forced to a draw.In the meantime, The Undead Walker Took a beatin and need to rebound. This is a very intriguing Match Up were a draw would be felt like a loss. Goblins expect both team to play hard and a close game. Probable Draw.
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