Let's Stars Week 4 !

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Let's Stars Week 4 !

Post by JRCO » 07 Oct 2018, 16:15

All Week 3 games played !

Time to start Week 4 !

You have until Wednesday Oct 17th to organise and play your game.

Week 4

Division 1
Les Crimson Kings (Segosa) - Oldheim Belchers (AI Team) : Expect the Nurgle Kings to post their first win this season.

112th Brute Brigade (Jarik) - Black Crying Ravens (Antituros) : Both Team are currently tied for 2nd place in the play offs race, expect the Black High Elves and their inducement to have the Upper Hand over the Ogres.

Gazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord) - Kindergarten Nighmares (ironfists) : Killer teams kill. So lots of blood is expected. Despite this is a must win for the Chaos Dwarves Raiderz, the Necro Nightmares have the Goblins favor.

Cheese Is Not A lie (JJape) - Seduceers of Slaanesh (Renis) : What Cheese will be on the field this week ? Some nice smelling tasty Camenbert who destroyed the necro Nightmares Nose two weeks ago or some sweet bland melted cheddar too soft to beat the Imps last week ? Goblins believe the Cheddar outting was just an accident and they like the Cheese in this game.

Lincoln Imps (JRCO) - Leaping Devils (s75r) : Gob versus Woodies is either A Woodies Dance or a Chainsaw Massacre. Goblins believe the Woodies will have all their Heads and arm left after they win that one with a large margin.

Division 2
Samgahta Librarians (UglyDoll) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjojevas) : The Lizardmen did start their season with a nice win against Nurgle. Goblins anticipate they will continue to do well this week against Chaos. Sport's Lizards by 1 TD.

Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) - Earth Liberation Front (Jarik) : The Vampire Bards have done well against Elves this season (1 win and a Draw). But this nice serie stops here. The Woodies green Terrorists are irresistible currently and even if they have some bruise they will field their 2 War Dancer. They will easily win that game.

Les Bella Donna (Segosa) - Holy Wanderers (AI Team) : The Bella Donna will have no problem teaching good manner to these human Wanderers.

End Of Mankind (Filadeus) - Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) : This Nurgle team May be the End Of Mankind, The Darkies Rangers couldn't care less as they share the same goal anyway. They just want to achieve it faster. So expect them to jump over their Nurgle Opponent this week.

Perfide Albion (Zeldorn) - Zeldorn's Nightmare (Felryan) : Coach Zeldorn faces what is supposed to be its Nightmare this week. Well It can't be worse than the sloppy start of the season he is experiencing right now. To be Winless is very "unzeldornlike". Will the Woes stop here ? Not Sure, Goblins like the Elves Chances better than the perfide Bretonnians.
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