Let's Start The Play Offs !

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Let's Start The Play Offs !

Post by JRCO » 20 Dec 2018, 22:15

Let's start the play offs !

s75r is last one that need to report I will launch with a dummy team, that will be replaced as soon as he Joins.

As usual in post season, no specific deadline , I trust you to play in a reasonnable time frame.

It is also that time of year when you let us know your choice for next season. Please leave it on appropriate forum here : http://newogham.datagnomes.eu/phpbb3/vi ... 5986#p5986

Play Offs Round 1

Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) - Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) : Dark Elves Rangers will receive tonns of inducement...and they will need them if they want to have any hopes. Will it be enough ? Goblins doubt it, They foresee an easy Necro Nightmares win in that Game.

Ghazak Khan Raiderz, (Njord) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas) : The Raiderz are back in the play offs and they have some ambition. They have a good match up this week against a lizard team still in building mode. Goblins make them the logical favourite.

Leaping Devils (s75r) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : A very open Match up between leaping woodies and the Vampire Bards. Because they will receive some inducement, Goblins like the Leaping Devils Chances in this one.

Cheese Is Not A Lie (JJape) - End Of Mankind (Filadeus) : The Cheese has had a great season so far and is still undefeated. Coach JJape will face his nemesis in this one. Nurgle is never an easy match up for Underworld, Still Goblins believe the underworld Cheese should dominate.
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