Wrap Up Of Decisions

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Wrap Up Of Decisions

Post by JRCO » 11 Nov 2015, 13:01

Superbowl XX should be played This evening at 9 pm OGT, so next season should start soon.

Here is the Wrap UP of coaches decisions for Season XX. Please let me know If I forgot somoene or made a mistake...; and for those who still haven't answered yet, now is time to let me know.ie : Filadeus, young Nathan, JJape, ironfists & segosa for example I haven't heard From you But I guess it is just you being late ?

Do not forget there will be a world cup organized by cyanide (cf. message on official forums reproduced in this site BB2 forum) , Small league like ours are the easiest way to qualify to the final round and the more active coaches both in BB1 & BB2 we will have the more representant we will be able to send.

1 Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan), Dark Elves TV 2110 or New Elf Team
2 Earth Liberation Front (jarik), Wood Elves TV 2070
3 Gazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord), Chaos Dwarves TV 2070
4 Tharce Lions (Zeldorn), High Elves TV 2040
5 Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO), Vampires TV 2040
6 2 fast 2 Furious (Mythrell), Necromantic 1860
7 Wilderness Rangers (Soleil Noir), Woodies TV 1670
8 Les Gars D'la Marine (Antituros), Humans TV 1260
9 Ventians Revealers (Mr Ogorki), Pro Elves New Team
10 The Heroes Of Newerth (Hamboy), Necro New Team
11 Hoxton Hurlers (Sittinggrindside), High elves New team
12 Team Name TBD (Apexhawk), Race TBD New team
13 Ream Name TBd (Cyirus), Dark Elves New team

Important : New Ogham will move next year to a new home : http://newogham.datagnomes.eu Please all register to the new web site. This one on freeforums will remain active to keep record of history database.
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Re: Wrap Up Of Decisions

Post by Segosa » 11 Nov 2015, 19:21


I'm in! I missed previous messages. My Nurgles should be back. If no room for them, I'd like to play some Khorns as a new team (Jacula's Demons). In cauda semper stat venenum!


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Re: Wrap Up Of Decisions

Post by Young Nathan » 16 Nov 2015, 13:04

Can I sign up a shiny new team as it looks like there are going to be Way too many elves "dodging" about next season 7 out of 13! dont want to make that any worse :)

I will go for NORSE!!

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Re: Wrap Up Of Decisions

Post by Mr_Ogorki » 17 Nov 2015, 00:18

Hey, I would ask a favor. Would it be possible for me to change my new pro elves team to an amazons one?
In case of a positive answer, I would name it "Jungle Drum Call". Thanks, so eager to start season XXI :)

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