Season X - Divisions

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Season X - Divisions

Post by JRCO » 23 Jan 2019, 20:24

It is time to start Season X !

Below is the division Distribution.

A ticket has been send to Your Team, please accept it fast so we can start !

Like last year, First four team in each division will advance to the play offs !

Division 1
Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists), Necro, TV 2080
112th Brute Brigade (Jarik), Ogre, TV 2010
Seducers Of Slaanesh (Renis), Chaos TV 1990
Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO), Vampires TV 1980
Crimson Kings (Segosa), "Nice Elvish" Nurgle TV 1950
Ghazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord), Chaos Dwarves TV 1930
Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan), Dark Elves TV 1780
Cheese Is Not A Lie (JJape), "Believe in Cheesus" Underworld TV 1710
Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn), "famous pious" Orcs TV 1690
Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir), Dark Elves TV 1650

Division 2
Earth Liberation Front (Jarik), Woodies, TV 1640
End Of Mankind (Filadeus), Nurgle, TV 1570
Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas),"The most fit" Lizardmen TV 1570
Lincoln Imps (JRCO),"Small is Ugly" Goblins TV 1320
Les Bella Donna (Segosa), "Gentle" Amazons TV 1230
Septic Claws (Njord), Nurgle TV 1190
Internet's Troll'ers (s75r), Orcs TV 1140
Maginificent Hashut Cultists RKMiateri, Chaos Dwarves TV 1000
The Illusion (Uglydoll), Dark Elves TV 1000
Sewer's Templars (Antituros), Skavens TV 990
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