Let's Start !

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Let's Start !

Post by JRCO » 04 Jul 2019, 20:18

It is that time of year !

Are You ready for some Bloodbowl ? Let's Start !

Because of the Holidays we are adopting like every summer a flexible scheduling with two week to arrange your game.

So You Have until July 25th to organize and play your game. Incase everyone play its game before that dateline, Week will be rolled out in advance !

In division 2 Mortemne has still to join, it is launched with dummy team that will be replaced as soon as Mortemne accept its ticket.

Same in Division 3 where Allar57 will replace the dummy team as soon as he accept its ticket.

Due to launch, no color commentaries this week, but don't worry they will be back for week 2 ! :mrgreen:

For New Players : ToOrganize your game you are free to use the time reference you want as long as it can be understood without ambiguity, we usually use time as OGT which is equivalent to CEST currently UTC+2, the time in France, Germany, etc....

Week 1 Match Up

Division 1
Merciless Preys (AI Team), - Crimson Kings (Segosa)
Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO)
Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas)
Septic Claws (Njord) - Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir)

Division 2
Norsca Powa (Mortemne) - Leaping Devils (s75)
Cheese Is Not a Lie (JJape) - Les Bella Donna (Segosa)
Sewer's Templars (Antituros) - Magnificienthashutcultist (RKmiateri)
[NO] Komodo Dragons (Musashi Aka LordOfChaos77) - Through the Grapevine (Njord)

Division 3
Playboys Bunnies (Allar57) - Swords and Guns (Segosa)
Northern Gentlemens (Jarik) - Bros With Bras (ON) (Clusterfakk)
Diciples of Nuffle (s75r) - [NO] Atrax Robustus (Musashi aka LordOfChaos77)
Motley Crue (JRCO aka Hatebreed) - Tor Andar Buccaneers (Felryan)
Superbowl VII Champions

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