We Have A New Champion & New Season

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We Have A New Champion & New Season

Post by JRCO » 07 Sep 2020, 16:40

After a Rough start, He did sneak into the play offs as a Wild Card with late wins ...... and Did Win it All !

Kudos to Filadeus whose Nurgle Did Defeat Polery's Dwarves.

It was a Fierce Battle and it took us late into overtime to have a Winner.

Nex Season Is Just around the Corner, please let me know your decision (if not already done) and for those who needs to add some precision (team name, etc...) please do It fast on appropriate thread :


The Plan is to launch Season XIV , september 16th.
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Re: We Have A New Champion & New Season

Post by Njord » 09 Sep 2020, 23:14

Congratulations Filadeus - well deserved!!

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