Wrap up of coaches decisions

Season XIII informations and sign Up
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Wrap up of coaches decisions

Post by JRCO » 13 Sep 2020, 11:58

Dear Coaches ,

Plan is to send invite for next season Wednesday sept 16th.

Below you will find wrap up of coaches decision I have received, please confirm there is no mistake.
some team names may be missing or decision to taken for a 2nd team. Please rreview and send me these information fast.

Playboys Bunnies Amazons, TV 1560, In Higher division
Kikoup Kaas Tût (TV 1000) in lower division

Sewer Templars, SKaven, TV 1780

BRIZONTOUR alias Butcher Briz
Yankee Coy Orcs TV 1400
2nd team Also thinking of throwing some elves/rats ? ==>If 2nd team Please create team and confirm name

Pro Elves "Tor Andar Buccaneers" (TV 1440 when full team)

End of the Mankind ,Nurgle, Reigning Champion - TV 1860
can also bring some new team as a second team incase it is needed to even out the divisions. ==>Please create team and confirm name so I can use it if needed

Kislev. Team Fluffy B and the Clowns, 1130TV

Cheese Is Not a Lie, Underworld TV 18250 (with Full Roster)

Gene Simmons Bards , Vampires, TV 2200
New Kislev TBD

Through the Grapevine, woodies TV 1790 (When Full team)
New Ogham Chain Gang: Chaos Dwarves, TV 1150.

Chaosas2, chaos, TV 1750 (When Full team)

Dorfs Of New Ogham, Dwarves, TV : 1480 (When Full Team)

Seducers Of Slaanesh, Chaos, tv 2370

Unidentified Flying Halfs, TV 900
and either Crimson Kings (Nurgle TV 2240) or Swords and Guns (Brets TV 1890). Or all of them 3 if we go on with 3 divisions. =>Please tell me in case 2 teams which ones will you favor

Shadow Rangers , Dark Elves, TV 1770 (with full team)

Diciples of Nuffle - Chaos TV 1910
Great Eagles of Ulthuan - High Elf TV 1250

UnderWorld The Warpstone Swmokers - TV 1600
Superbowl VII Champions

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Re: Wrap up of coaches decisions

Post by Filadeus » 14 Sep 2020, 17:07

As second team I can bring a fresh goblin team: Luscious Trollops (TV 950)
Heroes Association(Dark Elves): Champions of New Ogham Season I, II, III and IV, Runner-up Season VII
Villains Incorporated(Kislev): Runner-up Season VIII
End of Mankind(Nurgle): Champion of Season XIII

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Re: Wrap up of coaches decisions

Post by Allar57 » 14 Sep 2020, 20:17

Hip hip hip houra for Filadeus and his gobelin's team :)
I would like to try one, so I could see in action !

If we have 3 divisions I'd rather prefer my Amazones in the second one (in the middle one and not in the higher).

Allar57 (pom pom girls band's coach)

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Re: Wrap up of coaches decisions

Post by Segosa » 15 Sep 2020, 16:30

Let's go for a last season with my Kings then, and my flying halfs as a second team. That way. I'll preserve my Brets...

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Re: Wrap up of coaches decisions

Post by ironfists » 18 Sep 2020, 00:12

Ill enjoy my nightmares one more season until the next version so I can start all over again ;)

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