Let's Start Week 6 !

Arrange all your Season XXI games here !
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Let's Start Week 6 !

Post by JRCO » 26 Jan 2016, 23:57

All Games played , Let's start the final week of the regular Season !

You have until Wednesday february 3rd to play your game !

Week6 Match Up

Division 1

Kindergarten Nightmares (ironfists) vs Ghazakh Khan Raiders (Njord) : After last week the Necro Nightmares have missed the opportunity to secure the second seed in the play offs and took a severe beatin. They absolutely need to win that game but they will be dimished. Goblins believe that the Chaos Dwarves Raiderz will put an upset and win that game.

Compulsive Drinkers (Felryan) vs Earth Liberation Front (Jarik) : The Woodies Front is flying high and has already secured the first seed in the play offs. The Dark Elves Drinkers are chasing the 2nd place in division. The Darkies can still save this disapointing season and make it to the play offs. Goblins's cristal ball reveals that the Drinkers will prevail 2-1.

Division 2

2 Fast 2 Furious (Mythrell) vs Tharce Lions (Zeldorn) : this Game will decide who wins the division and so who will be seed 3 & 4. First meeting this season the Furious Necro prevailed 2-1 over the High Elves Lions. A draw is sufficient for the necro to secure the division crown and it is what will happen.

Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) vs Les Crimson Kings (Segosa) : These two teams play for pride and to carry some momentum into next season. The Bards Vampire have registered solid draw these last two weeks and the team is taking a nice shape. last time these two teams met it has been an epic battle with a dramatic turn 16 equalizer by the Kings. Goblins believe this one also end in a draw.

Division 3

Wilderness Rangers (Soleil Noir) vs Ruburg Tackle'ers (Young Nathan) : Before last week game This division seemed sealed. But after the Ruburg's Norsemen rout last week they do not not anymore hold the head to head tie breacker against Antituros Humans and have given them new life. So we will have a tense last week. The winner of this game takes the division and seed 5, a draw both team advance to the play offs and in case of a Tackle'ers loss , the Norsemen could face elimination for post season depending of last game result. Last time these two teams met, the Rangers were severly outbashed ( Two Level 6 and 1 level 5 players killed...) , so inducement will be less of a factor. Goblins expect a draw in this game.

Jungle Drum Call (Mr Ogorki) vs Les Gars D'la Marine (Antituros) : The Humans "Marine" need to win big and some help to sneak into the play offs. The Jungle ladies play for pride. Goblins expect a close game and a draw.

Division 4

The Heroes Of Newerth (Hamboy) vs Dummy Flings (JRCO) : Well, sadly, the Heroes Necros have been a no show these last games. Baring a miracle this game won't be played. It means that with an admin win... the Dummy Flings will make it to post season as the number 8 seed !

Skull Spiders (Soleil Noir) vs Jacula's Demons (Segosa) : The Jacula's Khorne Demons may have already won the division and seed 7 for the play offs but do not expect them to take this game ligthly.... Soleil Noir is an excellent Elf coach but still has to figure out how to coach a necro team... Segosa's Demons win that game.

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