Specific Qualifying Tournament Rules

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Specific Qualifying Tournament Rules

Post by JRCO » 30 Nov 2015, 21:26

All coaches wishing to join the 2016 World Cup Qualifier must agree to the following rules. If you do not accept any of these rules you will not be permitted to join.

You may enter in this Qualifier if you are already in another league's qualifier as this is Officially allowed by Cyanide.

General rules

1. No Rage Quitting. Also you may not quit early

2. Disconnects: Once will be a warning if there is a good reason. Too many DC may result in removal from the tournament (No matter the circumstances). The coach who had the disconnect will lose the match as stands unless the other coach wishes to (by choice) reset and replay the game.

3. No glitches or cheats of any kind.

4. This is a friendly league. No bad manners (BM) or you will be removed and possibly banned from the league.

5. Expected play with 4 minute turns. The mandatory deadline to play each match day will be set for every Wednesday midnight except stated otherwise in the message launching the the week..

2016 World Cup Qualifier Format

1. Fresh teams only

2. the season format will depend of number of coaches engaged. We expect a regular season with play offs deciding the qualified team. Number of play offs teams will depend of number of teams entering the tournament.

3. Players must be able to play once per week. Mandatory deadline to play games are set for every Wed Midnigt.

4. We will have 4 minute turn timers

5. Aging is turned off.

6. Stadium upgrades and enhancements are allowed and can be used for the duration of this tournament.

7. Number of team qualified will be set by cyanide and communicated as soon as known.

2016 World Cup Qualifier Tiebreaker rules:

This section explains how Tie Team are departed whenener it needs to be.

1. Best TD differential
2. Whomever had won the last Head to head match
2. Higher amount of wins
3. Higher TD scored
4. Higher amount of unused gold
6. Team who has the highest SPP player over the other. If this is tied then next highest SPP player and so on.
7. Random Dice
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