December 3rd - Information Update

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December 3rd - Information Update

Post by JRCO » 03 Dec 2015, 11:12

Just a quick update about the 2016 World cup organisation.

It has been officially confirmed that players are allowed to earn their qualification throughout as many leagues as they wish. If they earn more than 1 ticket they will have to choose which league they will represent, which will free a spot in the league(s) he choose not to represent.

Focus / Cyanide should issue an official communication Mid-december. At that time I hope we will be aware of the number of tickets awarded to the New Ogham League.

Like last world cup in paralell of tournament organized by private appointed leagues, some tickets should be awarded through a specific Match Making league (same than last world cup). 12 spots should be made available that way. Some specific Rules may apply ( limited number of games, check that a team doesn't play same opponent too often, etc...). More to follow in the cyanide official statement that will be issued. This MM Tournament should start in January until march/April.

Final tournament will be with 64 teams. Semi Final & Final will be played with best out of 3 games.

If New Ogham receive more than 1 Ticket we may choose to organize more than 1 tournbament so It would give opportunities to those who would have failed in the first one. More to follow on this.

As soon as we will have the number of ticket we will be allowed to start our tournament. Please for those who wish to participate in the New Ogham league qualifier and who still haven't signed please do it fast ( viewforum.php?f=29 ).

Considering how heavy is the league registering system , to have a more efficient process when we will be ready to start I would appreciate if you could already create the team you wish to use and communicate me its name, so I will be able to send directly an invitation ticket when it will be time (and doing so we would bypass two steps)

Wrap Up of Coaches Who have signed up so far (Please correct me if I forgot someone) :

01-JRCO - Team TBD
02- Mbeige65 - Team TBD
03- Meebee - Team TBD
04- Antituros - Team TBD
05- Mythrell - Team TBD
06- Havraha - Team TBD
07- Felryan - Team TBD
08- jarik - Team TBD
09- Segosa - Team TBD
10- Young Nathan - Team TBD
11- Filadeus - Team TBD
12- Soleil Noir - Team TBD
13- Wolfbanesons - Team TBD
14- Njord - Team TBD
15- Teldalati - Team TBD
16- Gurd - Team TBD
17- Hatesphere - Team TBD
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