Let's Start Week 3 !

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Let's Start Week 3 !

Post by JRCO » 21 Feb 2016, 23:06

You Have Until wednesday March 2nd to play your game

Week 3 Match up

Da STRZXTR (Teldatali) Dwarves - Gurd's Ratz (Gurd) Skavens : None of these team has won a game so far. Both still have a chance to grab a play offs spot at least as a wild card. But to do so they need to start winning.
Last week the Skavens have drawn against Dwarves, but this draw had a cost as they will enter week 3 with only 1 vermin and still no bench. As the blodge GR will be of no help due to the fact the dwarves are full of tackle, Goblins predict a STRZXTR win in this game.

Wolfen Blades (Wolfbaneosns) Dark Elves - No surrender (Mbeige65) Dwarves : With a win the Dwarves would be back in the play offs race and, depending of other results, could really be in second place due to a better head to head tie breacker than this week opponent. But the Darkies will be a fierce opponent, well known for their precise positionning. Dwarves will have to play a perfect game to stand a chance against such an opponent. the Darkies are currently holding the second seed, Goblins believe they will prevail in this game.

Orc City Bengals (JRCO) Orcs - Barkelves (Maxmilgram) Dark Elves : During week 1 & 2, The Orcs have passed the "dwarves test" with a perfect record. Now comes the time to meet the agile teams. It is a crucial game for both teams : with a win the orcs will be in the driver seat to reach postseason. A Barkelves loss would put them in a tricky situation, a win would garantee a tense end of regular season. Goblins expect blood and tears and a game that will end as a draw.
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