Let's Start Week 4 !

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Let's Start Week 4 !

Post by JRCO » 28 Feb 2016, 00:59

You Have Until Wednesday March 9th to play your game

Division 1 Week 4

DA STRZXTR (Teldalati) Dwarves - Wolfen Blades (Wolfbanesons) Dark Elves : After last week win The Dwarves have found new life. In order to remain in the chase for a play off spot they need to win again this week. It won't be an easy task as the Blades did just defeat a Dwarves team last week. But the Darkies are kind of banged up, still without an apo and won't be helped a lot by their blodge blitzer and Wrodge Witch. Gobelins believe the Dwarves will have an opportunity in this game . Will they seize it ? Almost as this game will end as a draw.

Orc City Bengals (JRCO) Orcs - Gurd's Ratz (Gurd) Skavens : After a nice start both team have cooled of last week. The Orcs were lucky to avoid the loss and because the Skavens will be able to field Two blodge Gutter Runners, Gobelins expect the Skavens will cause Headache to the Orcs. But Orcs have recently discovered aspirin so they will be able to limit the damages and land a draw.

Barkelves (Maxmilgram) Dark Elves - No Surrender (Mbeige65) Dwarves : The Dwarves will prove their team name is not a lie and play hard even if they play for pride only. Their Dark Elves opponent are still very much in the chase either for a direct play offs spot or for a Wild Card. This is a must win for them and Gobelins predict they will prevail.
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