Let's Start Week 5 !

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Let's Start Week 5 !

Post by JRCO » 08 Mar 2016, 19:49

You have until March 23rd to Play Your Game

Very Tight Division, 4 teams can still grab the first two seed. All games will count. 3 teams do still hold their future in their hands.

Division 1 Week 5

No Surrender (Mbeige65) Dwarves - DA STRZXTR (Teldalati) Dwarves : The STRZXTR is on the verge of doing it : after an horrendous start they could really post 3 wins in a row and with some help has still a shot at 2nd place (If Both Dark Elves Teams lose). But a Win is far from a given as Goblins believe this Battle of Dwarves will end as a draw.

Orc City Bengals (JRCO) Orcs -Wolfen Blades (Wolfbanesons) Dark Elves : With a win both teams will finish first . The Bengals are currently ahead of the pack. But they have no room for error as if they loose they could really end up 3rd and will have to pray to secure a wild card spot. If the Orcs would welcome a draw, Darkies can't afford to not win. Goblins expect a close game and a draw.

Barkelves (Maxmilgram) Dark Elves - Gurd's Ratz (Gurd) Skavens : With a win the Barkelves are assured to finish second whatever the results of other games will be. Will they have the nerves to beat a skavens team that play for pride ? They should if they want to be a legit world cup contender. The Skavens will field only 3 Gutter Runners. Goblins consider the Bark Elves are the favorite to win that game.
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