Let's Start Week 1 !

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Let's Start Week 1 !

Post by JRCO » 08 Feb 2016, 14:30

Here we are ! Let's start the world Cup Qualifier.

First of all Welcome to everybody and especially to the new "New Ogham"'s Coaches.

Below you will find Week 1 fixtures, with the Goblins predictions. Before that : some precisions for those not familiar with league play or to the way things are organized in New Ogham. (Please read it carefully. It is not long, nor complicated and you are presumed knowing what is written there)

You have until Wednesday February 17th, 9 pm GMT (latest starting time for your game) to play your game.

How to organize your game (for an example about how to process you can refer to my first fixture message in the Division 1 scheduling forum)

a) For that you will use the "Scheduling Forum" from Your division. Leave a specific message, with your game fixtures in the Title.(Do not answer to announcement message, create a new message. This is important so I can follow up in case a problem occurs.
b) Be very precise and specific (ie : cannot be let's play "tuesday night"), it must be Date and a precise time.
For time format you can use any as long as it is understandable by your opponent. As we have lots of new comers my suggestion is we all use GMT (GMT = UK time Curently, France is GMT+1, etc....).
c) Respect the agreed RDV and if you can't make it for any reason make you opponent aware of it.
Note : As you know there is no lobby, nor tool to communicate with your opponent before game start so when you are online if you want to communicate with your opponent either leave a message in your fixture message or use the tool slack (as a Login to Jarik). It is a very easy and useful tool. You can also just wait ingame on your team page and wait until team icon of your opponent show he is online to invite him.
d) settle on a RDV as soon as possible

Concession & disconnection
* As there is a reconnection tool, if your opponent disconnect you are asked to wait online as much as possible to leave him the possibilities to reconnect.
* In game concession are not allowed.
Be aware that concession & Disconnection will be chased by Cyanide. A coach who will have a total of 5 concession amongst all his league and team engaged in the different qualifier tournament will be banned from any chance of playing the world cup final.

Autovalidation of games
Auto validation of games will be allowed. This allow you to validate your game if after it was played not problem occured. If Both Coaches do valid then game will be validated.

Roll out Of weeks
If a week is finished before the end date, week will be rolled out earlier giving you a little more time to organize your next week game. But the last week of the 6 divisions team (Week 5) will be played at the same time beacuse of implication it may have on wild card teams determination.

What if a problem occurs or if you have any questions
If you have any claim or questions please send me a PM. I will share with the new Ogham's Wises (Jarik, Mythrell, Segosa, Soleil Noir, Felryan & Zeldorn) before taking the decision. If the claim involves me, please send your claim to one of the new Ogham wise. Choose one not playing in your division

Reminder :
- Divisions of 6 teams will play 1 season & Divisions with 4 teams will play 2 seasons
- Stadium Enhancement are allowed

IF you have any question please send me a message

Week 1 fixtures

Division 2 :

Band Of BloodBrothers (Bantha) (High Elves) Vs Straight To Video (Zzasikar aka JJWF), Dwarves : Classic Set Up for Both teams. Bantha is a well known Vampire coach expert out of OCC. In the meantime his opponent seems less experienced but still has a 66% win ration in BB1. Still goblins believe experience will prevail. Bloodbrothers by 2.

Anvils Of Khazak (Csonti), Dwarves Vs Cziis Town (Ikis), Woodies : Classic Set Up for the woodies with a Receiver, 2 RR and No QB. same for the Dawrves. Coach ikis seems more expereinced but dwarves can be a difficult match up for them. Goblins believe this game belong to who will have the ball first. If the dwarves are given the opportunity to bask the woodies on opening kick off it will be a long day for them.

First Crusade (Filadeus), Dwarves vs Pure Souls (Meebee), Bretonnians : So Far the Brettonians have hired nobody and are keeping intact the secret of their team set up. The first crusade adopt the same conservative set up most Dwarves coaches are using in this competition. Both coaches are well known in various league and both have their chances in this division. Nobody can afford to lose. Goblins believe this one end as a draw.
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