Let's Start Week 2 !

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Let's Start Week 2 !

Post by JRCO » 16 Feb 2016, 00:09

Division 2 has finished week 1 in advance and so have some extra time to organize and play week 2.

You have until wednesday February 24th to play your game

Week 2 fixtures :

Division 2

Anvils of Khazak (Csonti) Dwarves - Band Of BloodBrothers (Bantha) High Elves : last week the Bloodbrothers met some Dwarves and have posted a 3-0 statement win. In return both a blitzer and a Receiver have earned a level up. They meet another Dwarf team this week. The anvil of khazakh also won their first week game, and they are not impressed at all by these so called "High" Elves". Everbody Knows that to play Bloodbowl you need to stay focus and can't win on a consistent basis if you are "high", so.....will it be the day of recknoning for the dorfs ? No way , the Bloodbrother carry the momentum into week 2 and win by 1.

Straight To Video (Zzasiskar aka JJWF) Dwarves - First Crusade (Filadeus) Dwarves : Battle of Dwarves . The Video's players have been humiliated last week by some kind of druged "High" Elves. Will they rebound this week ? Goblins doubt it. The Dwarves crusaders have posted a solid win in their opening game and Goblins believe they will win again this week.

Cziis town (ikis) Woodies - (Pure Souls (meebee) Bretonnians : Both these teams lost in week 1. This is a must win game for any of these coaches if they want to be considered as serious contenders in this division. Both Tteams are banged up. The woodies will Field only 1 War Dancer. This is the Bretts chance to contain these woodies, This game will end as a draw.
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