Let's Start Week 3 !

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Let's Start Week 3 !

Post by JRCO » 19 Feb 2016, 00:41

You Have until wednesday March 2nd to play your week 3 game

Division 4 Week 3 fixtures

Earth liberation Front (Jarik) Woodies - Magni & Sons (Gerbear) Nains : The woodies are 1 win behind the 2nd seed and so better win this week if they want to still hold their destiny. The Dwarves are in that exact same position. So it is that kind of game during which a draw would be a loss for both. Both Coaches will play with their full squad and are of equal TV. Goblins believe the Elves will outrun the Dwarves in this game and win by 1.

Ogham Crushers (WildKun) Dark Elves - Clouds WC Winners Bret (St Cloud) Bretonians : The Crushers have been the most impressive team in the division so far. This week they face a banged up Bretonnian team would may have lost its sure hand Blitzers to a career ending injury because of a minus 1 in agility. The Dark Elves have 3 players who levelled up. The good thing when you are banged up like the brets are, is you will receive inducement. The WC Winner will certainly hire a wizard and a bench and so will be able to defend their chances. Still, Goblins have been impressed by the science of positionning shown by the Crushers who despite their name appears to have a very cautious style of play. So they can tell you : the Crushers win that game by 2.

Tharce Lions (Zeldorn) High Elves - Delven Eleven (Coldy) Dark Elves : The lions had a convincing win last week and seems back on track. Normaly a match up against Dark Elves should end in a draw, but currently the High Elves are short of a blitzer. That is why Goblins are telling to everyone that the Darkies will prevail in this game.
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