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Want to Join us?

The New Ogham Blood Bowl League is often referred to as NOBBL by ourselves. Members are often fondly referred to as Oghamites.
The NOBBL championship is a European-based league. All coaches are expected to have a reasonable understanding of English and be able to play their matches at time suited to GMT/CET based players. Apart from that applications are welcome from outside of the GMT/CET timezones.
Most leagues will run from Wednesday to Tuesday each week and coaches will normally be asked to play just one game per week.
Teams entered in the league should not be used in any tournaments other than official Ogham competitions.
All new teams to the league will be restricted to a team value of 1000 or under. Team should also be fresh, ie. no games played.

Code of Conduct

All coaches are expected be good sportsmen, the New Ogham BB League (much like Blood Bowl) is a brutal place, there are no restrictions on how you play the game. All that is asked is for you to respect your fellow coaches; any disputes can be dealt with after the game.
Friendly banter is encouraged, please keep it above the belt (even when a gobbo on a pogo scores the winning TD against you in the last turn, or -3d blocks and kills your star minotaur).
Please do not;a) Harass, abuse, or spam other players.b) Take any action, or upload, post, stream or otherwise transmit any content, language, images or sounds in any forum, voice server or in-game which we in our sole discretion find offensive or vulgar. This includes any content or communication that we find racially, ethnically, sexually or religiously offensive, defamatory or threatening;
If you have a dispute with another player, send the details to your Division Admin. The decision of the Administrators is final.

League Matches

All matches will be turn-based, 16 turns of 4 minutes, with all default (non-Cyanide) inducements allowed, this is handled by us using the in-game league.

Scheduling Fixtures

League matches should be scheduled via the forums. Division admins will post up weekly fixtures and the games should be played within the time period set (usually a week), note that fixtures are already available when season starts and weekly fixtures are just reminders and place for extra chatter.
Each week starts on Wednesday and ends the following Wednesday.
The default time zone for the forum & the league is OGT (Ogham Time, that is the same as CET Central European Time) it should always be assumed, unless specifically stated, that proposed match times are posted in this timezone.
Coaches should post in the correct "Fixtures and scheduling" forum for their league. Coaches need to start organising their matches as soon as possible, if a coach fails to create a thread about his match or fails to answer a thread created by his opponent by Friday midnight, he is risking loosing that match.
The league admins will only rely on the fixtures forum when deciding whether sufficient effort has been made to schedule a match. Private Messages and other forums of communication will not be taken into account.
In the event of neither coach making sufficient effort to arrange a match, the league admin has the option to record the result as 0 - 0.

Match Disconnections

In the event of a disconnection please contact your league admin, they will ask both coaches if they agree on what the outcome of the match would of been prior to the disconnection occurring.
The league admins have the power to allow the disconnection to stand, or to force a replay.
In the event of an admin choosing an alternative score, the game will automatically allocate the SPP's and money rewards to the teams.
Please do not upload a disconnected match result to BB Manager before discussing the situation with your league admin (see below for BB Manager)

Playing Matches

Please see the code of conduct rules above for how we expect our coaches to behave during a game.

Post Match/BB Manager

Each match must be validated by a league admin once completed. Teams will receive no SPP's, money or other rewards until the match has been validated. The result will not appear in the in-game rankings until it has been validated.
The league uses BB Manager to record match results and statistics.
The home team is responsible, unless otherwise decided by the two coaches, for uploading the match to BB Manager after the match is complete.
The league admin will not validate the match in game until the result has been uploaded to BB Manager.
The leagues will be set-up in BB Manager and final placings will be determined via the application. The placings, statistics, etc. from this are final.
More info: bb-manager-t100.html

Promotion, Relegation, Restarts & Holding Tank

At the end of each season all coaches must decide to either continue with the same team in the next season or restart with a fresh team that have not played more than 5 games in any Ogham side competition or the Open League.
Coaches wishing to restart must place their old teams in the 'Ogham League Holding Tank' found in game if they ever wish to rejoin the league in a future season.
Teams rejoining the league from a holding tank will join the bottom division.
Promotions & relegations will be determined after all coaches have decided what they are doing for the next season. We normally have zero relegations due to the amount of coaches wanting to restart with fresh teams.

Season End & Season Breaks

There will be a break of about 4 weeks at the end of each season; coaches are not permitted to use their league teams within this time period to play 'friendly' matches - Any coach who breaks this rule will need to replace the team before the start of the next season.

Open League Feeder System

New and existing coaches can create new teams within the open league with a view to using them in future conference divisions.
There is a maximum limit set of 5 games per team, they can play no more games than this if they want to join the main league in the future.
Teams can only play against the same team twice and the same coach three times within the 5 games permitted.
Any default win counts as 2 games
Any default loss (where the team earns any rewards) counts as 1 game.
Games will be arranged using a LFG (looking for game) system in the open league forums open-league-f19.html
Teams can play games against 'normal' open league teams that have played more than 5 games, if they wish.
Coaches are permitted to delete any of their open league teams at any time.


Many aspects of the game are outside of the control of the coaches & League Admins, more will be added here as the game develops. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these rules feel free to drop one of the League Admins a PM or e-mail.
We retain the right to amend or add to these rules, during or after a season.

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