Les Crimson Kings

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Les Crimson Kings

Post by Segosa » 21 Oct 2017, 06:43

So has started a new season in NewOgham for our beloved Elvish friends, their second one after a 2 seasons hiatus. They had intensively trained themselves before and were pretty self-confident. Norses? This will be an extremly blood-red game: armours will easily break and some of them will surely join Crimson Kings straight after... Well, indeed, it was a blood-red game and armours did break... But not on the expected side... Those naugthy and violent Norses did send 4 of our sweet and friendly players to the hospital and killed a former mercenary who joined them previous season. However was he suspected not to be that motivated in going on playing at his best, rumours even saying he was about to leave..., which he did during the game... definitively...
Winning the toss, Kings decided to attack but two of them were quickly injuried, while Norses stood... Despite a powerful throw, they were not able to keep the ball and Norses managed to get it and score before the end of first half. During second half, 3 more losses and 2 more TDs for those sons of a Norse... That was not the plan for Crimson Kings... Nothing went the right way... But what can Elves do against destructive barbarians?
Hope that next game against Underground players from "Cheese is not a lie" will be far less murderous...
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Re: Les Crimson Kings

Post by JRCO » 23 Oct 2017, 18:22

All Hail The Kings !!!!

Have a long Life full of Disease !!!!!
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