Samghata Librarians

Teams that play or have ever played in competitions arranged by New Ogham BB League.
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Samghata Librarians

Post by Uglydoll » 06 Jul 2017, 22:26

There are libraries, and then there are… libraries.

In one of the later there was the Lord of Samghata, The Overcrowded Hell, brooding over which torments to bring the mortals. He looked through books not opened for ages of eternity. He read parchments written in liceblood, so fragile that looking at them was enough to turn them into dust and naught. He summoned his wisest djinns and demons to his throne there to put their worst torments at his feet for judgement. He considered them all and found them wanting. He then turned to a small untrustworthy servant demon from the library staff, responsible for folklore and bad habits. YOU, INCONSIDERABLE ONE, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT FOR ME? the Lord said, rather loud, to which the tiny demon answered: Sports, oh Lord. The mortals fancy sports. SPORTS? SOO… spoke the terrible Lord. And it was decided that the next torture to beset the mortals should be a chaos sports team, to execute this so called sport amongst the deadly, there to preach hooliganism, pettiness, tight stands and bad souvenirs amongst the living. Lo and behold, Samghata Librarians was born, to scorn and torment man and orc alike.

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Re: Samghata Librarians

Post by JRCO » 07 Jul 2017, 13:28

All Hail the Lord !
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