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Ogham-BB2 Superstars

Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 18:57
by JJape
With some seasons in BB2, I decided to take a look on what superstars have emerged. This is just a short list: if you want to share some more details on your own players, feel free to share. I will try to update this post when people inform me (new Superstar or dead one), and also at least once a season.

Active teams(updated for season IX)

Seducers of Slanesh, Chaos
Eyesweat Pinelip, CW - Claw, MB, Block, Tackle, PO

Kindergarten Nightmares, Necro
Bone Head, FG - SF, +STR, Guard, MB, Block, BT
Arnold, FG - Guard, MB, Block, +MA, Tackle

Retired/on hiatus teams(updated for season IX)

Heroes Association, Dark Elf
Genos, blitzer - Block, Dodge, MB, PO, JU, Tackle
Fubuki, witch elf - Frenzy, Dodge, JU, Wrestle, Tackle, SS, Leap, +AGI

Dead or retired superstars
"Some Wolves and Vampires gone forgotten" (died before season IX)

Re: Ogham-BB2 Superstars

Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 18:57
by JJape
Two Flesh Golems and one Chaos Warrior - really unusual list of superstars. Where are all the elves and killer beastmans/pestigors?

Re: Ogham-BB2 Superstars

Posted: 29 Sep 2018, 09:36
Some Wolves and Vampires have died and gone forgotten...... they plan to reappear one day :)