That One last Game !

Schedule here your play offs Games ! May The Best team Win !
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That One last Game !

Post by JRCO » 20 Apr 2016, 20:03

And here we are , this will the "Bouquet Final" of our New Ogham qualifier !

There will be a Grand Final and a Game to decide who will be 3rd and who will be 4th...... Goblins couln't miss the occasion to deliver their wisdom. This Time, Goblins will not need any coin, their cristal ball has unveiled the future.....

3rd Place Match Up (to determine eventual replacement order)
Wilderness Rangers (Soleil Noir), Woodies vs Love Lizards (antman), Lizardmen : Full developped well coached lizards against banged up Woodies. The Rangers are reduced to just 1 war Dancer. This one looks hopeless for the Woodies, inducement won't be enough to help balance the game. Lizards will love to win.

Ogham Crushers (Wildkun), Dark Elves - First Crusade (Filadeus), Dwarves : Will The Dwarves won it all ? Will they falter in that one last game ? They are the only team that won all its game so far. Goblins see no reason for that streack to stop. The Dark Elves are well coached but they do not seems to have the weapon to provide a proper answer able to stop the first Crusade...
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Re: That One last Game !

Post by Felryan » 20 Apr 2016, 21:26

Good Luck to all ! :)

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