Div 2 - Week 4

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Div 2 - Week 4

Post by JRCO » 13 Jun 2016, 23:04

In our BB2 tournament all BB2 games are played, so let's launch week 4 a litlle bit in advance.

You have until Wednesday June 22nd to play your game

Division 2- Week 4 Fixtures :

Love Lizards (antman) - Chartreuse Monks (Zeldorn) : The Monks are hot and can't stop winning. They will face a real test this week. The lizard may have so so result so far , they are a very solid well coached team. Goblins believe the Monks are for real and they prove it with a convincing win.

Sharp Knives (Felryan) - MaD CheQQar (Young Nathan) : In this Battle of Skavens the Knives play to remain perfect, the Cheqqar to remain in contention. Goblins expect a lots of TD and a draw.

Get's Smile (Nourrou) - Management By Perkele (JJape) : Tough start for the Norsemen managed by Perkele as they have lost their first 3. Goblins believe they are too well coached to not start winning at some point and that they have a chance in this game against the Smiling Chaosmen. But it will be a tight struggle, so all signs are indicating this game will end as a Draw.

Bye Week : Young Of Shub Niggurath (Segosa) (= a 2-1 win)
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