Wrap Up Of Coaches decisions for BB2 Season III

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Wrap Up Of Coaches decisions for BB2 Season III

Post by JRCO » 03 Sep 2016, 11:27

Season III of new Ogham BB2 league will start soon, division and invitation to your teams will be issued next Monday.

below is a wrap up of coaches decision. please check and confirm there are no mistake (Need to have perfectly spelled team name and coach name to issue invitations).

For those of you who still haven't decided, there is still time , please PM me ASAP so I can include you to the list.

- JRCO, Orc City Bengals, Orcs
- Felryan, 911 All Stars, Undead
- Teldalati, Da STRZXTR, Dwarves
- Soleil Noir, Repentless Slayers, Norsemen
- Antman, Love Lizards, Lizardmen
- Segosa, Youngs of Shub-Niggurath , Chaos
- Silly Wookie, The Gentlemen Basterds, Humans
- Young Nathan, Max Or Mad Sheqqar , Skavens (Please tell me which one)
- Jjape, Management by Perkele, Norsemen
- WildKun, Ogham Crushers, Dark Elves
- Nourrou, The Muchroom Kingdom , Undead
- Filadeus, Heroes Association, Dark Elves
- Renis, Seducers of Slaanesh , Chaos
- Hudd, Blackstar Ravens , Humans
- Antituros : team name & Race TBC
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