Superbowl III !

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Superbowl III !

Postby JRCO » 29 Nov 2016, 19:37

Here we are ! We have our two superbowl Contender !!!

Heroes Association (Filadeus) : On my right, the regninbg Champs. The Dark Elves have still to lose a game. During the Semi they were as close to lose their first that they ever been. They will enter the game as the favorite but they will have to be very careful as this game won't be a given.

Management by Perkele (Jjape) : the Norsemen have not lost a game this season and they looked very solid during the semi in a very convincing win. If a team can create the surprise, this is the one. Goblins believe their chances are slim, but they are very coached so they are allowed to dream.

What a Game !


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Re: Superbowl III !

Postby JJape » 30 Nov 2016, 18:42

This is planned to be played Saturday 12.00 OGT.

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