Play offs Semi Final !

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Play offs Semi Final !

Post by JRCO » 26 Jun 2018, 17:00

Here we are ! The 4 best remaining team competing for the Grand Title !

As I would hate to admin a play Offs game, No deadline to play your game, I trust you play it in a reasonnable time window.

Play Offs Semi Final

Oakland Raiderz (s75r) - Cheese Is Not A Lie (JJape) : The Woodies Raiderz shocked the New Ogham World when they did unseat the Number 1 seed in previous turn. Now the 8th seed has to face the best Div 2 team. Goblins believe the woodies won't repeat and the Underwold Cheese will advance to the SuperBowl.

911 All Stars (Felryan) - Villains Incorporated (Filadeus) : Last week The Villains did post an OT win against the Reigning Champ . But they look really banged up now. So Goblins think the All Stars Undead, who just destroyed the other Kislev team of the post season, are entering this game as heavy favourites.
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