Let's Start Week 5 !

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Let's Start Week 5 !

Post by JRCO » 09 May 2018, 11:28

All week 4 games completed, We can launch the last week !

Every good thing has an end, this first round is coming to an End......

Kudos to Notorious Noob who clinched both a play offs berth and won the division with a win.

Two team are still alive for the last play offs Berth.

You have until May 16th to arrange and play your game

Week 5 Fixtures

Xianaria Alttarego aka Alttarego Greek Reek - Notorious Noob Big Bad Undead : To be sure to remain in control of its destiny the Greek Reek Necros will need to beat the currently perfect Division Champ. Goblins can't see this happenening and they believe the Big Bad Undead will prevail.

Orielensis The Merciful - Mortemne Les Verts Pelouse... : With a win over the Mercyful Woodies the "Vert" Orcs have realistic chances to make it to post season pending The Greek Reek result. Goblins anticipate that the Orc will succeed their own end of the Bargain. Vert pelouse by 1.

Netvudu Yippee Ki Yay - Killar aka Cereal Killar Dumb Dorfs : Both team playing for pride. Goblins believe it will end as a draw.
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