Let's Start Week 9 !

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Let's Start Week 9 !

Post by JRCO » 18 May 2018, 17:36

This will be the last week Of Regular Season.

If Most teams that will make the play offs are known there re still 1 seed to decided in each division.

As it is still WC time and some New Oghamer are still alive in various Qualifiers, no dateline to play your game I trust you to play it in a reasonnable time Frame.

Week 9 Fixtures

Division 1 :

Gazakh Khan Raiderz (Njord) - Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) : Both Team are playing for pride and preparing for next season. Goblins like The Nightmares in this one.

Seducers Of Slanesh (Renis) - Les Crimsons Kings (Segosa) : The Chaos Seducers may be wounded but they just need a draw to secure the division Crown. It will be the first outing for the new Beast of the Nurgle KIngs. Goblins believe that beast and inducement should help the Kings to secure a draw.

Ogham's Pond Croackers (Mr_Ogorki) - Dying Foetus (Soleil Noir) : Nightmarish Season for both team who can't wait for it to finish. Goblins anticipate a little sunshine for the Khemris Foetus as they see them win.

Warpstone Smokers (Zeldorn) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : The Underworld Smokers needs a win against the reigning Champions to reach Post Season. In the Meantime, despite they already secured a Play Offs Berth, the Vampires Bards have been destroyed and are rebuilding. Goblins believe this will be an easy win for the Smokers.

Jack Daniel's Circus (Antituros) - 112th Brute Brigade (Jarik) : You know the song "the Winner Takes It All" ? This is it : the winner of this one advance to the play offs, the loser will have to wait the Smokers result to know its fate. Goblins believe Kislev have better odds in this Match Up against Ogres. Circus by 1.

Division 2 :

Hexem (Allem) - 911 All Stars (Felryan) : The All Stars Undead are preparing Post Season and will enter the game as Heavy favorites.

Vilains Incorporated (Filadeus) - Les Masques de La Nuit (Segosa) : The Masked Dark Elves
are out of post season and have announced they will take a sabbatical next season. All signs are that the Kislev Villains will have an easy game before joining Post season.

Norsca Powa (Mortemne) - Lincoln Imps (JRCO) : The Norsemen can still reach post season with a win and some Help. Last Hurdle is to beat the Lincoln Goblins. And that is exactly what they will do. Norsca by at least 2 TD.

Cheese Is not a lie (JJape) - Oakland Raiderz (s75r) : The Woodies Raiderz needs just a draw to reach the play offs. Can they do it against the dominant Underworld Cheese who has already secured the Division Crown ? They probably not can but also will. 1-1 Draw.

Selvish Eleven (RoNa) - Shipmates Of The Potemkin (Uglydoll) : In this game Goblins have fliped a coin, but they lost it ! So they have no idea of the outcome. In that case they courageouly predict a draw.....

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Re: Let's Start Week 9 !

Post by Segosa » 19 May 2018, 18:13

Seems that previous week (W8) hasn't been validated, doesn't it?

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Re: Let's Start Week 9 !

Post by jarik » 22 May 2018, 12:28

Damn kislevs can be annoying. Makes elves look like something that can be easily contained.

Of course had to try kislevs myself and after 2 match in championship ladder results are one annoyed dark elf who conceded on first half and dwarf who got beaten. First block of match with bear and got dead dwarf :lol: Lets see if they could be my second team for next season.
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Re: Let's Start Week 9 !

Post by Filadeus » 22 May 2018, 13:01

I have had recently quite opposite opinion of Kislev. Can't seem to ever succeed on leaps and losing 1-2 catchers dead each game. :D
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