Ready for the Grand Finale ?

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Ready for the Grand Finale ?

Post by JRCO » 11 Jun 2018, 21:49

Yes you envy them.....

Just One win and they will earn this world cup qualifying ticket ! (Note : in case the winner won a ticket in another qualifier , let me know if you will represent New Ogham or if you leave your ticket to next best team...)

But What can you do, they have proven to be better than all of us......

Now the stage is set for the grand Final :

On my Right you have the Red Wall To WC 2018, an Orc Band staging a TV 1390 which will play a full Healthy Team. They are led by former WC semi finalist orc Master Spartako,

On my left stand The Last Dwarves led by, among other distinction, former multiple time New Ogham Champions Filadeus,

So Dwarves Power Or Orc Strength ?

Previous Qualifier tournament Filadeus did prevail with Dwarves...Can he repeat ? Goblins believe that this is a possibility as , contrary to previous turn, the Orcs won't be able to play with a wizard. Still it should be a close one that could end in spare your reroll for the penalty Shoot out !

May the best team prevail and win that world cup in the Name of New Ogham !

No specific Dateline, I trust you to play your game fast !
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Re: Ready for the Grand Finale ?

Post by Felryan » 11 Jun 2018, 23:48

Good luck to both teams !!! :)

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