Play offs Teams

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Play offs Teams

Post by JRCO » 13 Jun 2018, 19:30

So Now that the WC qualifier is over, it is time to Go Back To Regular Competition.

Here are the Play offs teams who emerged from Post season.

A ticket has been send to your team, please accept it fast so we can launch the play offs.

1 Seducers Of Slaanesh, (Renis) Chaos TV 1970
2 Gene Simmons Bards, (JRCO), Vampires TV 1370
3 Jack Daniel's Circus, (Antituros), Kislev TV 1650
4 112th Brute Brigade, (Jarik), Ogres TV 1780
5 Cheese Is Not A Lie, (JJape), Underworld TV 1650
6 911 All Stars, (Felryan), Undead TV 1600
7 Villains Incorporated, (Filadeus), Kislev TV 1130
8 Oakland Raiderz, (s75r), Woodies TV 1490
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Re: Play offs Teams

Post by jarik » 13 Jun 2018, 19:40

My internet has been pretty much broken last few days, basically it loses connection every minute. At some point it started doing once in while but last two days I have failed to even start a game. Will try to get it fixed soon.
Manger of our official Twitter commentator Big Bob, coach of 112th Brute Brigade and few other teams. PM me for access to, even it is not really in use at this moment.

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