Play offs Time !

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Play offs Time !

Post by JRCO » 15 Jun 2018, 17:21

Everybody has joined, let's start the Play Offs !

You Have until June 24th To Organize and play Your Game

1 Seducers Of Slaanesh, (Renis) Chaos TV 1970
8 Oakland Raiderz, (s75r), Woodies TV 1490
The Woodies will be reduced to 1 War Dancer , so even if they will be backed up by inducement and will most probably be helped by a wizard, the N°1 seed Chaos Seducers should prevail.

4 112th Brute Brigade, (Jarik), Ogres TV 1780
5 Cheese Is Not A Lie, (JJape), Underworld TV 1650
The Ogres have reached post season for the second season in a row which is an achievement in itself. You can expect they will try to advance to the semi Final, but Goblins do not like their chances. The Underworld Cheese has been impressive during regular season, they haven't lose one game. Goblins believe their first loss will not happen here. Underwold Cheese by 2.

6 911 All Stars, (Felryan), Undead TV 1600
3 Jack Daniel's Circus, (Antituros), Kislev TV 1650
The Undead All Stars have been dominant all season long and they face a Kislev team very hard to figure out : brillant at times and miserable in some games. Everything can happen but Goblins like the Undead in this game.

7 Villains Incorporated, (Filadeus), Kislev TV 1130
2 Gene Simmons Bards, (JRCO), Vampires TV 1370
Las time both coaches meet was in last Superbowl. Since then The Vampires Bards have been Destroyed and Filadeus has swithed to Kislev. He also win the WC He is walking over water now. Goblins believe the Villains will prevail in this one.
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