Play Offs : Semi Final

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Play Offs : Semi Final

Post by JRCO » 03 Jan 2019, 00:46

Some Very close game in round 1 of the play offs (2 overtime win and all game with a 1 TD difference) and two big upset as both the Raiderz and Seed #1 Kindergarten Nightmares have been eliminated. So we have still 2 division 2 team alive !!

Gratz for those who are in the final four. As usual in the play offs, no specific deadeline : I trust you to play your game in a reasonnable timeframe.

For those who still haven't let know their decision for next season please do so on appropriate thread.

Play Offs Round 1 Result

Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) - Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) : 2-3 (Overtime)
Ghazak Khan Raiderz (Njord) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas) : 0-1
Leaping Devils (s75r) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : 3-2 (Overtime)
Cheese Is Not A Lie (JJape) - End Of Mankind (Filadeus) : 1-0

Play Offs Semi Final Fixtures

Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas) : The Dark Elves Rangers are developing fast and are looking very dangerous . They already have a monstrouous line up with 3 AG5 player including a ST4 AG5 Blitzer.... During regular season these two team met. The Rangers Won 3-0. Expect history to repeat. Despite the Sport Lizards will receive inducement, Goblins believe the Rangers will prevail.

Leaping Devils (s75r) - Cheese Is Not A Lie (JJape) : During regular season the Cheese did beat the Devils 2-1. Goblins expect another close game as the War Dancer and the inducement they will receive (a wizard ?) provide hope for the Devils. But the Cheese is still undefeated this season and Goblins believe they won't lose this week. Cheese by 1 TD.
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