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Post by JRCO » 16 Jun 2019, 23:11

The Stage Is set !

We now Know who will compete for the big prize ! The two best D1 team will clash.

Congrats to Soleil Noir & Segosa who made it, May be the best team win.

Seed 1 : Shadow Rangers, (Soleil Noir) - Seed 2 : Crimson Kings, (Segosa) :

During the regular season both team met and the Dark Elves Rangers did beat the Nurgle Kings 2-1. During the play offs Run, They also have beaten another Nurgle (The "End of Mankind") which at the time was seen as a favorite to win the competition. So all things seems aligned as a good omen for Soleil Noir to win its first Superbowl ever.

But Goblins advise you not to count out Segosa. He is out its best season ever and reach the big stage for the first time. To be here he had to overrun the Heavy Favourite Necro Nightmares, so It could really be The Kings year !

No Tv Difference between the two team, only certainty is one of these coach will win the league for the first time. Even if a surprise is always possible, yje Rangers will enter the game as & 1 TD favourite.
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