Let's Start Week 5 !

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Let's Start Week 5 !

Post by JRCO » 11 Sep 2019, 23:59

Let's start week 5 !

You have until Wednesday september 25th to organize and play your game

Week 5 match up

Division 1
Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) - Merciless Preys (AI Team) : This one looks like a cakewalk win by the reigning champions. Rangers by at least two.

Septic Claws (Njord) - Jurassic Sport Club (Pjovejas) : The Lizards are very well in the race for a play offs spot when in the meantime the Claw has yet to win a game and is playing for pride (...and fun). Goblins make the Lizards the logical favorite in this one.

Chartreuse's Monks (Zeldorn) - Gene Simmons Bards (JRCO) : With a win the Orcs will make a huge step toward claiming the division crown. Can the Vampires stop them ? The Bards have not been very successfull in the past against the Monks, that is why Goblins believe the Orcs will prevail.

Kindergarten Nightmares (Ironfists) - Crimson Kings (Segosa) : last chance for the Kings to join the play offs race wagon. The "Hic", is they face a Necro Nightmare team which is currentlt hot. Nightmares by 1.

Division 2
Les Bella Donna (Segosa) - Norsca Powa (Mortemne) : Both team tied at 5th position ...the winner join the play offs race, the loser lose it all. Norsemen are not Known to be gentlemen....they are going to dance all over the Ladies faces....Powa by 1.

Magnificienthashutcultist (RKmiateri) - Leaping Devils (s75) : Two seasons ago the woodies Devils were champions. This season they fight to remain alive and this is a must win game for them. Goblins believe they are too good to be eliminated so soon, the Devils will regroup and win that game.

Through the Grapevine (Njord) - Cheese Is Not a Lie (JJape) : seed 2 versus seed 3. Both team should reach post season and it is not this game that will depart them as Goblin bet this one end as a draw.

[NO] Komodo Dragons (Musashi Aka LordOfChaos77) - Sewer's Templars (Antituros) : This time the Templars will not dominate that game....as all signs are that this game won't happen because the Dragons will be a no show.

Division 3
Motley Crue (Hatebreed) - Playboys Bunnies (Allar57) : The Elf Crüe will enter that game as an heavy favourite against an amazon team that has still yet to win it's first game. It certainly will happen, but not this week.

Diciples of Nuffle (s75r) - Tor Andar Buccaneers (Felryan) : Last week the Chaotic Disciples of Nuffle were defeated by pro elves.....and this week they face pro elves again... Same story ? Goblins anticipate a close one and believe this time the monstruous PRO / Block Mino will cause Plenty of Damages. Disciples will prevail.

Northern Gentlemens (Jarik) - [NO] Atrax Robustus (Musashi aka LordOfChaos77) : All signs points to a walk off win for the Gentlemens as their opponents will most probably be a no show.

Swords and Guns (Segosa) - Bleeding Straws (AI Team) : The Bretts should secure their second seed with an easy win against the Bleeding Vampires.
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