Season XI Playoffs Teams tracker

Season XI informations and sign Up
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Season XI Playoffs Teams tracker

Post by JRCO » 19 Oct 2019, 12:59

Please Find Below the list of team qualified for season XI Play offs and their seeding :

Tickets will be send as soons as last 2 games of season will be played.

And for those who haven't comminicated their decision for next season , please do it fasy in appropriate thread : viewforum.php?f=208

Seed 1 : Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir), Dark Elves (TV 2110)
Seed 2 : Kindergarten Nightmares, (Ironfists), Necromantic (TV 1910)
Seed 3 : Sewer's Templars, (Antituros), Skavens (TV 1610)
Seed 4 : Cheese Is Not A lie, (JJape), Underworld (TV 1400)
Seed 5 : Tor Andar Buccanners, (Felryan), Pro Elves (TV 1290)
Seed 6 : Motley Crüe, (Hatebreed aka JRCO), Pro Elves (TV 1100)
Seed 7 (Wild Card 1) : Northern Gentlemen, (Jarik), Norse (TV 1660)
Seed 8 (Wild card 2) : Sword And Guns (Segosa), Bretonians (TV 1280)
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