Play offs : Semi Finals !

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Play offs : Semi Finals !

Post by JRCO » 05 Nov 2019, 19:02

WOW !!! What a 1st round of Play Offs !!!

Two favorites went down to Young Pro Elves Teams......What a surprise ! Check the result below :

Play Offs - Round 1 :

Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) - Sword And Guns (Segosa) : 2-0
Kindergarten Nightmares, (Ironfists) - Northern Gentlemen, (Jarik) : 2-1
Sewer's Templars, (Antituros) - Motley Crüe, (Hatebreed aka JRCO) : 1-3
Cheese Is Not A lie, (JJape) - Tor Andar Buccanners, (Felryan) : 1-2

So here are the semi final. Goblins are not sure they can predict this, but they will try !

Play Offs - Semi Final :

Shadow Rangers (Soleil Noir) - Tor Andar Buccaneers, (Felryan) : Rangers are the logical favorite. They have lost a star Witch but are still very strong. Expect the Buccaneers to make good use of their inducement and make this a closer game than most expect. So Close that Goblins bet on a surprise here as the Buccanneers will advance to the Superbowl !!!

Motley Crüe, (Hatebreed aka JRCO) - Kindergarten Nightmares, (Ironfists) :The Necro Nightmares are the clear favourite. Goblins expect them to win easily here and then to win their first Superbowl of the BB2 Era.

As Usual in the play offs, no specific dateline, I trust you toplay in a reasonnable time frame.

For those who still have not posted their decision for next season, please do so in appropriate thread :
Superbowl VII Champions

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