Wrap Up Of Coaches decisions

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Wrap Up Of Coaches decisions

Post by JRCO » 17 Jun 2017, 19:27

Superbowl is just around the corner.

Some of you are asking for a summer break, but here are the coaches ready for a summer tournament :

JRCO - Orc City Bengals - Orcs, TV 1650
JJape - Shiva Blitzers - Woodies, TV 1440 and/Or Managment By Perkele Norse, TV 1770
Soleil Noir - Dying Foetus - Khemris, TV 1250
Antituros - Black Crying Ravens - High Elves, TV 1380
Jarik- Labrats Revenge- Skavens, 1760
Felryan - Team To Be Confirmed
Renis - Seducers Of Slaanesh - (Chaos TV 1910
Allem - Hexem - Lizardmen, New team
Zeldorn - Crazy Dogs - Necromantic TV 1520
Ironfists - KIndergarten Nigthmares - Necromantic , TV 1740
Mr_Ogorki - Ogham Pond Croakers - Humans 1380
Ugly Doll - new Team TBD

Young Nathan & Segosa Will confirm participation, or not, later

For those Who still haven't given their choice or if I forgot someone, please PM Me.

Summer tournament should start June 28th, A game every 10 days and we will adapt the rythm if necessary.
Superbowl VII Champions

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