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Blood Bowl Manager Guide

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We intends to use BBManager to help track all the stats that Blood Bowl has to offer. From TDs scored to kills made, from yards passed or run to number of times knocked down, BBManager will track stats by player and by team, putting together stats pages, (unofficial) league tables and graveyards for the division and also one for the entire league.

What you need to do :

For this to work we are reliant on you uploading your replays to BBManager. This is a lot simpler than it sounds. First you need to install BBManager, create an account, and upload the replay afterwards. We can take adminned games into account as well, and it is even possible to load on your computer the replays of old matches so you can spy on your future opponents.

Installing BBmanager
To install BB Manager simply go to this page and click on "install" : ... ublish.htm

Create an account
Use the same coach name as in the game, but use a different password.

Uploading replays
Make sure that BBManager is open and you are logged in before you play your match.
Play your match.
After you close Blood Bowl you'll see a bubble in the bottom right of your screen. Click on it and you will open the "Submit Match" window.
In the "Submit match" window-

1. select the replay file (the last one you played is automatically selected so it should be already ok),

2. the league (see in this forum your league name under BBM)

3. the match day(the week the match was played in)

4. password is : newogham

5. Use the drop down menu to select the coach of both teams. If the teams have already played in the league, the names will be automatically selected; otherwise the coach list will be displayed ; and if it is unknown just type the names.
It's that simple. Only one coach needs to upload the replay per match, so decide in-game who's going to do it. If you forget then upload the replay when you remember. Here is how-

I forgot to upload the last replay - what do I do?

Easy!! Start up BBManager and find the replay in your documents\bloodbowl\saves\replays file (it's listed by date and time) Then start of Blood Bowl single player and load the replay file. Watch through it using the Blood Bowl client. You can do so at high speed (+ and - to speed up and slow down) and the whole thing is done in a couple of minutes. The required logfile will be created and you can upload in the usual way described above.
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